Attracting the Miraculous with your Radiance

This class is taught by:

Karena Virginia

Karena began her career as a spiritual teacher while working as an actress and model. Karena believes that once we understand and accept how our emotional, spiritual and mental states contribute to our physical health and well being, we have the ability to manifest transformation and abundance. The greatest joy in her life besides spending time with her children and family is to assist women with conception, pregnancy, delivery and early motherhood. Karena’s yoga, meditation, and creative visualization workshops integrate the vibrational energetic knowledge of Eastern philosophy with Western wisdom. Karena’s dream is to encourage women to connect with their truth through love, compassion, inner beauty and radiance. We can be our own instruments in dramatically and positively enriching our lives once we accept the gift of miracle, brilliance, and surrender.
The art of Kundalini Yoga is the art of transforming fear into tender devotion by vibrating at the frequency of God's all encompassing Love.
Join Karena as she shares some of the ancient teachings that transform and rebirth by clearing the subconscious resistances that block us from experiencing the flow of the miraculous. Moving beyond our energetic wounds, we simply vibrate Love from our Hearts, and allow the Miraculous to draw us closer to the blessings that are our birthrights.
This workshop is known to be very deep and transformational. Please allow yourself time for processing afterwards.
Sunday, April 22nd
10:00 am -12:00 pm
$35 pre-reg / $45 day of
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