Gahl Sasson

Gahl Sasson instructs the following:
  • The Astrology of the Year 2017
     The Rooster’s Call for Action
    If you are planning something big next year, don't finalize anything until you take this class! This will be a Magical Mystery Tour into the Astrology of the Year Ahead and you will leave this class with all the tools you need to make your wishes a reality, as well as when to do it. As we map out the year to come, we will investigate:
    • Dates of Mercury and Venus retrograde
    • Full & New Moons & how to work with moon magic
    • Blessed & challenging dates
    • Eclipses and other important times
    • Specific astrological aspects & how they will affect you
    Teach yourself how to surf life's synchronicities and become a master of your own destiny.
    Tuesday, March 28th
    7 pm - 9 pm
    $26 pre-reg/$32 day of