Guru Dharam Singh Khalsa

Guru Dharam Singh Khalsa instructs the following:
  • Kundalini Medicine Yoga Therapy - The Sky Mind
  • Directed by Guru Dharam and an exceptional team of teachers/healers, the course is delivered as intensive stand alone modules all comprised of fascinating yogic science, philosophy, information and direct experience of holistic healing. The sacred science of Kundalini Yoga demystified and presented for you to apply as medicine for the 21st century.
    This module focuses on:
    *The Yogic Model of the Mind: Core Mind Healing
    *The 10 sections of your Brain: their correspondences, function, and interconnectivity.
    *Brain Food for mental health. Use of breath, nutrition and herbs for optimizing your cognitive faculties.
    *The 11 Moon Centers; their emotions and qualities.
    *The Twilight Zone of the Psyche
    *The Ojas and the Cerebro Spinal Fliud.
    *Understanding the human body as an fully integrated multi-dimensional cognitive biosystem.
    *Yogic Psychology in harmony and disharmony.
    *Cold Depression
    *Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
    The series is designed for yoga teachers from all traditions, alternative therapists, counselors, energy healers, paramedics, medical personnel and anyone who wants to understand the mechanics of Kundalini Yoga more deeply. Each module is complete so that you can attend them in any order you choose. 
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  • The Path of Prosperity 1: Jupiter Practice for Prosperity and Abundance
    This presentation saturates your Energy Body with the vibration of Jupiter—which the old time astrologers called the Great Benefic. This magnetically attracts abundance, divine knowledge, opportunity and prosperity into your aura and into your life.
    Guru Dharam will share this meditation, which needs to be done only ONCE per WEEK to be effective! This practice will be held on a Thursday. This day is ruled by the planet Jupiter to enhance and maximize the energy of expansion. You may attend either or both of these classes.
    Please bring a mat, cushion, and/or any other props that will make you comfortable.
    Thursday, February 23rd
    $40 pre-reg, $50 day of

  • Path of Prosperity 2: Invoke the Wealth of the Universe
    Come and master the Law of the Vacuum, adjust the planetary influences in your energy body and imprint sonic rhythms on your psyche and electromagnetic field that resonate with the cycle of success.
    Are you ready to receive? Then, come and give your best. This will be held on Monday, which is ruled by the moon, to optimize the lunar influence as we emphasize the Jupiter/Moon constellation in our bio field. All are welcome. You can attend this class even if you did not intend the one on Feb. 23rd.
    "Devotees All Receive His Bounty Chant with Every Breath the Guru Gaitri." — Guru Dharam
    Please bring a mat, cushion, and/or any other props that will make you comfortable.

    Monday, February 27th
    $40 pre-reg, $50 day of

  • Kundalini Rebirth: Resilience NOW.
  • In tumultuous times, we need resourcefulness and resilience we possess. These qualities can become dulled and blunted by the daily grind and eroded by the darkness of doubt and fears about the future.
    This workshop will clear away these cobwebs to reveal your given excellence, power and resilience. Come and claim your God given right to Shing your Light. TODAY.
    Monday, March 13th
    7 pm - 9:30 pm
    $40 pre-reg/$50 day of