Sharan Bir Kaur Gill

Sharan Bir Kaur Gill instructs the following:
  • Japji Sahib: The Supreme Song of Consciousness
    Jap-Ji is the morning Bani, the supreme song of consciousness given by Guru Nanak that thoroughly and completely describes all the possible states of the human mind and unlocks all limitations that block us from the experience of Divine Consciousness. Jap-Ji reveals the entire scientific structure of the Universe.
    This workshops will go over a few pauris (Mul Mantra, paudis 8th, 18th, 25th, 33rd) shedding light into their meaning as well as getting comfortable with its recitation. Workshop participants will walk away empowered and blissfully uplifted. It is said that if you recite it step by step, every problem not only can be solved, it can be dissolved.
    Sunday, March 5th
    12:30 pm-2:30 pm