Sharan Bir Kaur Gill

Sharan Bir Kaur Gill instructs the following:
  • The purpose of sadhana is to arrive at the moment when we go beyond our ego and its limitations. Morning sadhana—in the amrit vela—is a special time, a time when we can receive the blessings and the grace of teachers from every age, beyond the limits of the here and now. It is a time when we can sit before the altar of our own consciousness and have the opportunity to clean up our inner world before we engage in the outer world—our jobs, our families, our responsibilities. We become still. We surrender our ego, our emotions and our reactions to the clarity and stillness, automatically, without effort, the perception of God in all comes to us. We experience this insight uniquely, according to our tattvas, qualities and karma, but the unity of the consciousness is available to each of us. This special week of Sadhana will be within the scope of Gurmukh's prenatal Khalsa Way program. Each day will cover specific themes pertaining specifically to women. Sadhana begins at 5:00am for 20 minutes of Japji - recited prayer or sutra, 30 minutes of Kundalini Yoga and 62 minutes of chanting. Sadhana is free!